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Stock Market key to Success: Profitaim Reviews

Stock Market key to Success: Profitaim Reviews

The best place to make money with minimum investment and instant return is the Stock Market and this statement is assured by Profitaim Research Advisory.

1.For stock investing the fundamental analysis is very crucial

Financial Perfomance analysis with Profitaim

Fundamental analysis involves the evaluation of the long term prospects of a company and its competitive advantage. Most importantly analyze the financial performance of a company which involves Profit-earning ratio, Profit-to-sales ratio and cash flow generation.

2. Investors have to understand the financial terms and the companies’ annual report

Self-Analysis of Companies' Annual report

To understand the financial terms might be time- consuming for investors but the self –analysis of companies’ annual report is very beneficial and crucial before investing in a particular company. In the self-analysis of companies’ annual report you have to do the maths with ratios as well as should consider all the factors affecting the company’s performance like profitability, capital adequacy, debt burden and ability to service debts.

3. Stock investing demands Patience from Investors

Patience is Trader's Asset Profitaim Research

In Stock market trading, “Patience is a Trader’s Asset”. If the traders loose patience then they have to bear losses in trading. As said by Legendary investor Warren Buffett says his favorite holding period is “forever”. Proper patience is needed throughout the lifecycle of the trade, at entry, while holding and exit.

4. Keep update yourself with World News

World News Update with the help of Profitaim

As an investor you have to update yourself with the world news because all are aware with the fact that the company with news shows upward and downward movement in stock market, which is essential for trading.

5. Sell the stocks at the right time is equally important than buying good stocks

Take Buying-Selling decision at right time in stock market

Successful investors always know when to sell stocks based on the value of the underlying companies. They sell when the thing that makes a company great no longer applies. A company falling out of favor with a consumer or having a market capitalization that exceeds other companies within its industry can be an indication the company is no longer great. However, all investing is subjective, and there is no universal rule that tells investors when to sell.

After elections, Sensex and Nifty breaks two years record

After elections, Sensex and Nifty breaks two years record

In the state assembly elections held in 5 states, due to the huge win in UP-Uttarakhand, the start of the domestic market has been a great start. Sensex and Nifty open at record highs. After March 2015 the market is at record high.

At the moment, the Sensex is climbing 537 points at 29,483 points, while the Nifty is at 9,092 points, with 157 points higher.

Nifty breaks record.png
Profitaim: Sensex and Nifty breaks records after 2 long years

Upward movement will be observed in these stocks

Stocks in ICICI Bank, HDFC, L & T, ITC, Adani Ports, Hero Motto, NTPC, M & M, Asian Paints, Power Grid, Maruti, Reliance Industries, HUL, Infosys, SBI, and Sensex were up in the early trading on the Sensex.

Rupee open with record high of 40 paise

-The rupee has a fantastic start on Tuesday. The rupee appreciated by 40 paise to 66.20 against the dollar. That is why the currency market has got a great jump.

– Rupee has been the strongest since April 20. With this fast, the rupee has reached the 1-year high level.

– On Friday, the rupee had closed at a 66.60 level with a gain of 12 paise against the dollar.

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SBI’s reason behind the decision of “Minimum Balance” Profitaim

SBI’s reason behind the decision of “Minimum Balance” Profitaim

As we all are now aware that, from April 1 SBI will charge customers for cash transactions and penalize them when they don’t maintain a minimum balance in their bank accounts.

SBI’s reason behind the decision of “Minimum Balance” Profitaim
Profitaim News: Minimum Average Balance

Statement by SBI bank’s chairman

The SBI bank’s chairman Arundhati Bhattacharya said that- “We have 11 crore financial inclusion accounts — Basic savings and Jan Dhan accounts – and have to manage them as well” and also add that SBI’s requirement for minimum balance is lowest among all banks.

Till 1 March, the total numbers of PMJDY accounts opened by SBI are at 83.6 million.

Valid Reason

According to her- “As the costs associated with handling, maintaining, transporting, counting, security and recycling will be paid by the taxpayers. And the more cash is used, the more obstacles in inclusion. There is more credit history when cash goes away. . We need credibility on the loans we give so a transparent credit history of the customer helps,” the SBI chief said adding that most of their customers keep more than Rs 5000 in their account and they don’t need to worry.

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Applicable on all depositors

In the last week, SBI declared that from April 1 will penalize for non-maintenance of a monthly average balance (MAB) of Rs 5,000 for branches to 310 million depositors, including pensioners and students.

Government urges SBI for reconsideration

Some sources said that the government had urged SBI to reconsider on their decision on minimum balance requirement.

Rajnish Kumar, Managing Director- National Banking at SBI, said that if a formal communication comes, “We will see. Every product is reviewed but this has to be looked at from a certain perspective… There are many superfluous accounts and create pressure on the system. It was allowed in 2012 by RBI and we review this product every year.”

Charges by different banks

From March 1, some private banks such as HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and Axis Bank have started charging a minimum amount of Rs 150 per transaction for cash deposits and withdrawals beyond four free transactions in a month.

From April 1, SBI will also charge Rs 50 after the first three cash deposits of the month while the for current account holders the cash transaction charges can be as high as Rs 20,000.

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GST will be effective from July 1, confirmed by Arun Jaitley

GST will be effective from July 1, confirmed by Arun Jaitley

Economic Affairs Secretary, Shaktikanta Das said that GST will be effective from 1st of July all the states agreed for this decision. According to Mr. Shaktikanta Das, GST is playing the role of Game changer and it takes place of various consumption taxes. He also added that when GST is applied in India the opportunities for competitiveness, investment and job creation also increased.

GST will be effective from July 1, confirmed by Arun Jaitley
Profitaim supports GST Bill


GST implementation would abolish all central, state and interstate taxes; and only “single-taxation” system would be levied.

Arun Jaitley strong confirmation about GST implementation

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said in the interview with London news agency PTI, all the processes regarding the GST implementation will be completed till 15 September. He also added that after Independence this is the first Tax reform in India. The draft for this is already prepared and would be presented in the parliament which is started from 9th of March.

Proposal for 4 tax rates

– 4 proposed levels for Goods and Services tax rates will be categorized in 5, 12, 18 and 28%.

– After the GST bill is passed in the parliament it must be forwarded to all state assemblies for approval.

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Profit making trading tips by Profitaim Research Advisory

Profit making trading tips by Profitaim Research Advisory


Profit making trading tips by Profitaim Research Advisory
Profit making trading tips by Profitaim Research Advisory

Jindal Steel Power: Buy

target – Rs 131/133, stoploss – Rs 123.

Vedanta: Buy

target – Rs 271/72, stoploss – Rs 261.

Tata Chemicals: Buy

target – Rs 579-81, stoploss – Rs 562.

Sunpharma: Buy

target – Rs 730, stoploss – Rs 685.

JSW Steel: Buy

 target – Rs 200, stoploss – Rs 184.

JBF Industries: Buy 

target – Rs 280, stoploss – Rs 245.

Yes Bank: Sell 

target – Rs. 1350, stoploss – Rs. 1470

Reliance Defence: Buy

target – Rs 67, stoploss – Rs 59

Gitanjali: Buy

target – Rs 77, stoploss – Rs 64.64.

RBI Infra: Buy

target – Rs 172, stoploss – Rs 160.

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China’s company ZTE launched 5G Smartphone: Profitaim Review

China’s company ZTE launched 5G Smartphone: Profitaim Review

China’s largest telecom company ZTE at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain has launched the world’s first 5G smartphone.

China’s company ZTE launched 5G Smartphone: Profitaim Review
First 5G smartphone: Profitaim reviews

Features of Lightning-fast 5G Smartphone

The company said it is the first smartphone with a download speed of up to 1 Gigabit per second, which is 10 times better than today’s generation of 4G services.

This Smartphone have 360 degree panoramic virtual reality video phone, ultra hi-fi music and fast video downloads support.

ZTE’s spokes person said, “With the introduction of new tools, the way people connect with each other will change forever”. The priority for ZTE’s Global Development is to focus on 5G technology. 


This phone consist Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 835 processor.

Lightning-fast 5G mobile internet service

The tech company said that Lightning-fast 5G mobile internet service expected to start by 2020.

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Today’s Stock market Trading Tips: Profitaim reviews

Today’s Stock market Trading Tips: Profitaim reviews

Trading Tips for today’s Business

Trading Tips for today's Stock market
Trading Tips by Profitaim

1. Uflex: Buy

stoploss – Rs 265, target – Rs 280

2. DCW: Buy

stoploss – Rs 32, target – 37 bucks

3. Apollo Tyres: Buy

stoploss – Rs 181, target – Rs 190

4. Sarla Poly: Buy

stoploss – Rs 61.3, target – 68 bucks

5. Axis Bank: Buy

stoploss – Rs 510, target – Rs 550

6. BHEL: Buy

stoploss – Rs 148, target – Rs 160

7. JindalSteel: Buy

stoploss – 118.8, target – 121.5/123

8. BEML: Buy

stoploss – 1316, target – 1340/1350

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