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After elections, Sensex and Nifty breaks two years record

After elections, Sensex and Nifty breaks two years record

In the state assembly elections held in 5 states, due to the huge win in UP-Uttarakhand, the start of the domestic market has been a great start. Sensex and Nifty open at record highs. After March 2015 the market is at record high.

At the moment, the Sensex is climbing 537 points at 29,483 points, while the Nifty is at 9,092 points, with 157 points higher.

Nifty breaks record.png
Profitaim: Sensex and Nifty breaks records after 2 long years

Upward movement will be observed in these stocks

Stocks in ICICI Bank, HDFC, L & T, ITC, Adani Ports, Hero Motto, NTPC, M & M, Asian Paints, Power Grid, Maruti, Reliance Industries, HUL, Infosys, SBI, and Sensex were up in the early trading on the Sensex.

Rupee open with record high of 40 paise

-The rupee has a fantastic start on Tuesday. The rupee appreciated by 40 paise to 66.20 against the dollar. That is why the currency market has got a great jump.

– Rupee has been the strongest since April 20. With this fast, the rupee has reached the 1-year high level.

– On Friday, the rupee had closed at a 66.60 level with a gain of 12 paise against the dollar.

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Side effect of Donald trump in India for American NRI Grooms: Profitaim

Side effect of Donald trump in India for American NRI Grooms: Profitaim

The decisions made by Donald Trump in America show their side effects in India as well.

Till previous two months, there is great demand for NRI Grooms. Many parents arrange their daughter’s marriage to get American citizenship, but after implementation of new rules in America instead of prosperous and lavish life parents think about safety of their daughter’s future.

Falling trend in demand for NRI Grooms: Profitaim

Reason for change in this trend

In addition to the strictness in immigration as well as the rise in “Hatecrime” activities in America has also reduced the craze of American grooms. According to matrimonial sites, now the demand has dropped by 30-40%.

NRI from Canada, UK and Australia still in demand

At the same time, those who want to marry to NRI prefer grooms from Canada, UK and Australia.

Indian Grooms becomes priority

America’s attraction is actually bringing about better lifestyle. But now security is becoming a priority. NRI Groom used to be the first choice of every parents in the United States to marry his daughter, but things have changed in the past few times and parents, or brides, everyone wants Groom, who lives in India.

Good News for Indian Grooms!!